Know Your Tires℠ with Real-time Tire Tread Wear Monitoring

… with Real-time Tread Wear Monitoring

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IntelliTread™ Sensors & Monitoring Systems


IntelliTread™ tire tread wear sensors combined with a tire pressure sensor can help prevent injuries and fatalities due to worn tires. 


IntelliTread™ can transform the efficiency of tire design and use across the industry. 


IntelliTread™ ensures that tire wear in autonomous vehicles is timely and accurately monitored without human intervention. 

About Tyrata

Tread Wear in Real Time


Tyrata is a science-based sensor and data management company offering wireless sensors and systems that monitor and report on vehicular tire tread wear in real time. 

IntelliTread™ Technology


IntelliTread™ technology monitors, tracks and predicts tread wear over the life of a tire. 

Rubber Meets the Road


Tyrata serves consumers, fleet management companies, and high-performance specialists who depend on the integrity of tires for safety, efficiency and profitability.