Data-driven Visibility For All Tires In Your Fleet

Tyrata’s data portal ( provides a comprehensive platform for data collection, storage, and analysis for all IntelliTread® products. delivers automated tire tread depth analysis on a subscription basis with no hardware or software costs.

  • Safety
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Efficiency
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Industry-Wide Solutions

Tyrata serves consumers, fleet management companies, and high-performance specialists who depend on the integrity of tires for safety, efficiency and profitability.

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Fleet and Safety

Tyrata serves professionals responsible for fleet tire maintenance who wish to reduce maintenance costs, improve profitability, and maintain safety.

IntelliTread® provides fleet managers with a fleet-wide view of tire conditions, providing the data needed to optimize tire use without affecting operations or compromising safety.

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Tire service providers can remotely monitor their customers’ tire condition without human intervention. enables service provider personnel to anticipate service needs, optimize service scheduling, and improve inventory planning. Real-time data maximizes tire use and improves profitability, while maintaining critical safety standards

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Investors and

Tyrata enables new, industry-changing business models based on insights gained from volumes of tire data acquired with IntelliTread® technology.

Ride-sharing vehicles, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and the explosion of last-mile delivery as shopping moves online are all driving the need for real-time tread monitoring that the Tyrata IntelliTread® portfolio provides.

IntelliTread® Product Portfolio

Tyrata has developed a portfolio of IntelliTread® products that monitor tire wear for real-time depot, service lane, and consumer decision making.

image description Data Portal

Tyrata’s Data Portal ( provides a comprehensive platform for data collection, storage, and analysis for all IntelliTread® products. It gives users access to immediate, actionable tire tread data on specific tires as well as historical wear rates, customizable alerts, fleet data and anticipated tire replacement information—all in a single, easily accessed web-app.
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IntelliTread® Drive-Over System

The DOS is a low-cost, solid-state sensor system incorporated into a low-profile speed bump to monitor tire tread of vehicles in transit through a service lane or depot. The DOS can be set up in under three hours and has no moving parts or optics that demand ongoing maintenance. It uses commercial RFID tagging to track vehicles and correlates this data to uniquely track each tire that passes over the system.
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IntelliTread® External Tread Reader

The ETR is a handheld point-and-shoot system for measuring tire tread wear in service centers or depots where comprehensive tread data is required with a single measurement. The ETR uses advanced optics to create a 3D point cloud of the tire surface. The data is then analyzed in the Tyrata cloud and detailed tread data, including non-uniform wear conditions, are reported back to the customer in real-time for review.
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IntelliTread® Internal Tread Sensor (ITS)

The ITS is a tire-mounted, autonomous sensor for continuous monitoring of tire tread wear. The ITS is directly affixed to the tire inner liner and uses a proprietary, solid-state sensor to directly measure tread depth. The system is designed to operate on a single battery for over five years and the electronics and battery unit can be transferred upon replacement of the tire.


Tyrata, Inc. is a sensor development and data management company offering proprietary wireless sensors and systems that monitor and report on vehicular tire tread wear in real time.

Tyrata – We bring the world to your door

Tyrata’s President and CEO, Jesko von Windheim, discussed the problems faced by tire management professionals and the role that Tyrata's software plays in the solution.



DURHAM, NC — March 3, 2022 — Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) today announced a minority investment in tire sensor and data management company Tyrata, Inc. (Tyrata).



Tyrata has achieved an operational deployment milestone by completing a twelve-month study of its IntelliTread® Drive-Over System (DOS) at the Durham City Transit Company (DCTC).