About Us

Tyrata, Inc. is a sensor development and data management company offering proprietary wireless sensors and systems acting as a tread wear indicator that monitors and reports on vehicular tire tread depth in real time. The company's patented IntelliTread™ sensor technology functions like a tire tread wear indicator in real-time to monitor, track and predict tire tread wear over the life of any tire. Tyrata serves consumers, fleet management companies, and high-performance specialists who depend on the integrity of tires for safety, efficiency and profitability.

IntelliTread tire wear bar indicator

Tyrata has an exclusive license with Duke University to patent sensor technology that monitors tire tread wear in real time, warning drivers and fleet management operators when tire rubber has grown dangerously thin or when the tire and suspension system are in need of maintenance. Moreover, IntelliTread real-time data provides historical tire tread ware information that makes tire maintenance predictable. In addition, it enables commercial vehicles to be in compliance with regulations at all times. Tyrata tire tread depth sensor enables data analytics systems to improve safety in consumer vehicles, reduce maintenance costs in large fleet management operations and provide critical data for the emerging market of autonomous vehicles.

In collaboration with Duke University, Tyrata's founders developed the sensor technology using carbon nanotubes (tiny cylinders of carbon atoms just one-billionth of a meter in diameter) that allow millimeter-scale changes in tread depth to be measured. The sensors serving as a tire wear bar indicator could easily signal when it's time to replace tires or report information about uneven and often dangerous tire wear conditions.


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