About Us

Tyrata, Inc., is a tire sensor and data management company offering tire monitoring solutions for fleet managers, tire manufacturers and automotive service centers. The company’s IntelliTread® technology monitors, tracks and predicts tire tread life, delivering direct measurements of tread depth in real-time.

Solid-state sensors are linked to cloud-based data management and analytics (https://tyrata.io/) to warn drivers, service advisors and depot managers when tires are dangerously thin. Tyrata is dedicated to improving tire safety, improving fleet performance, enhancing fleet sustainability and increasing profitability for its customers.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The role of the Scientific Advisory Board is to strengthen the IntelliTread® tire tread depth sensor technology by guiding the company in the extraction, handling, and processing of data. The real-time collection of tire tread depth data, combined with associated big data analytics, are unique offerings that Tyrata is positioned to enable. The expertise of the Scientific Advisory Board provides leading scientific insight into Tyrata’s development of these offerings.