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Dr. Aaron Franklin to Speak at the Tire Technology Expo 2019

Planning to attend the forthcoming Tire Technology Expo 2019? Be sure to attend Dr. Aaron Franklin’s talk on Intelligent Tread Wear Sensor Technology on Thursday March 7 at 9:00 am in the Stream 12 – New Advances in Pneumatic Tire Performance. Every year, tire-related accidents claim the lives of thousands. The industry is in desperate need of a mechanism for monitoring the thickness of a tire’s tread, in real time.

Tyrata, Inc. is a sensor development and data management company offering patent-pending IntelliTread™ wireless sensing technology that monitors, tracks, and predicts tread wear over the life of any tire. Dr. Franklin will describe how the new technology works, present results from recent testing, describe the roadmap towards commercialization, and discuss the potential impact the technology can have on safety, efficiency, and vehicle autonomy. For more information on the talk, visit: