Product Portfolio

IntelliTread™ Product Portfolio

Tyrata has developed a portfolio of IntelliTread™ products that monitor tire wear for real-time depot, service lane, and consumer decision making.  The Drive-Over System (DOS) provides a rapid evaluation of tread depth for all tires on a vehicle as it drives over the speedbump-like unit, regularly monitoring tires over their life-cycle or providing rapid triage in the service lane. In turn, the External Tread Reader (ETR) is a handheld unit used to measure (with high precision), analyze and document the condition of tires identified by the DOS as needing attention. Both systems are designed to be low cost, easy to maintain, accurate and simple to operate with the overarching goal of making tire wear monitoring easy, fast, inexpensive and effective. Both DOS and ETR leverage Tyrata’s cloud-based analytics for the integration of actionable information with tire-management systems. The IntelliTread™ ITS is a next-generation technology that enables full autonomy for tread wear monitoring. The tire-mounted ITS provides direct, real-time tread depth measurement with historical and projected tread wear analytics to enable accurate prediction for tire maintenance and replacement. ITS will be available in late 2020 for sampling.

IntelliTread™ Drive-Over System Data Interface

Tyrata’s web-based interface and dashboard for monitoring tread wear can convert comprehensive DOS tire data into easy-to-access and actionable information for an entire fleet. The IntelliTread™ Data Interface can be integrated across all IntelliTread™ products, including the handheld External Tread Reader (ETR) and the upcoming Internal Tread Sensor (ITS), providing a convenient, customizable and comprehensive tire wear and maintenance analytics dashboard. Some of the key IntelliTread™ Data Interface characteristics are:

•  A fully customizable platform for monitoring the status of tires across a fleet.

•  Widgets for additional reports and analytics, such as:

       o Reports summarizing current tire maintenance needs; 

       o Historical trends (and predictive analytics) of specific tire wear; 

       o Detailed analytics for optimizing tire usage in fleet.

•  Output that can be integrated with customer’s existing reporting and maintenance systems. 


IntelliTread™ Drive-Over System

The Drive-Over System (DOS) is a low-cost, easy-to-install, tread-monitoring device that provides instant measurement of tire tread depth. DOS can be installed in minutes, eliminating costly and time-consuming fixturing to the garage floor. DOS is compatible with RFID tracking of vehicles or tires to provide vehicle- and tire-specific tread-wear data over time. Backed by could-based analytics and services, DOS enables fleet operators to optimize their tire maintenance process, safety, and uptime. In a tire service garage, DOS can be used to provide immediate feedback on tread depth status that can trigger more detailed tire measurements (using ETR) when warranted. 

Prototype DOS in bus service center; the low-profile system requires no fixturing to the floor, but

DOS in bus service center; the low-profile system requires no fixturing to the floor

IntelliTread™ External Tread Reader

The External Tread Reader (ETR) is a wireless, handheld device for high-precision mapping of tread depth across the surface of a tire. The system has been designed for affordability, accuracy, and ease of use. ETR simplifies and speeds up the acquisition of data for the technician while simultaneously providing comprehensive analysis for determining both tread depth and uneven wear. In turn, ETR provides data that assists the service-center personnel in determining when tires should be replaced or serviced. A printable (or electronically displayed) output can be provided to assist business personnel in communicating tire and service needs to their customers. Finally, the Tyrata database can be used to track tire-specific wear over time, making it easy to predict the tire replacement need and incorporate it in customer sales and retention programs.


Use of ETR in a typical service garage.

IntelliTread™ Internal Tread Sensor (ITS)

The next-generation of IntelliTread™ technology is the Internal Tread Sensor (ITS). Tyrata’s expertise in materials, sensor design, and proprietary measurement techniques has allowed the company to develop a low-cost sensor that delivers a direct measurement of tread depth that is accurate, reliable, and real-time. ITS is mounted to the inner liner of the tire, wirelessly delivering a direct tread thickness measurement on a regular schedule, thereby providing the vehicle owner or fleet manager with a clear understanding of tire wear and prediction of tire replacement. The ITS is in testing with various tire OEMs and is planned for limited customer testing in late 2020.


ITS is mounted to the inner liner of the tire and samples tread depth 


Tyrata Technology Backgrounder (pdf)