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Tyrata’s Data Portal provides a comprehensive platform for data collection, storage and analysis for all IntelliTread® products. It gives users access to immediate, actionable tire tread data on specific tires as well as historical wear rates, customizable alerts, fleet data and anticipated tire replacement information—all in a single, easily accessed web-app.

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IntelliTread® Portfolio

IntelliTread® is a suite of products designed to measure and monitor tire tread wear for fleet managers, tire manufacturers and automotive service centers. The three products in the portfolio provide tread monitoring across a spectrum of use cases, ensuring a solution no matter what your operational needs. IntelliTread® includes:

  • Drive-Over System (DOS): a speed bump-style system for fleet depots and maintenance centers
  • External Tread Reader (ETR): a handheld unit for high-fidelity measurements in service lanes
  • Internal Tread Sensor (ITS): a tire-mounted, autonomous sensor for lifetime monitoring of tread
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DOS in bus service center

Drive-Over System

The DOS is a low-cost, solid-state sensor system incorporated into a low-profile speed bump to monitor tire tread of vehicles in transit through a service lane or depot. The DOS is free of moving parts or optics that can lead to time-consuming or costly repairs and requires no ongoing maintenance. It uses commercial RFID tagging to track vehicles and correlates this data with each tire on the given vehicle to provide data on each tire. The DOS:

  • Provides accurate tread monitoring of tires under routine measuring conditions
  • Is noninvasive for a quick and easy installation
  • Is low-cost and maintenance free
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Use of ETR in a typical service garage.

External Tread Reader

The ETR is a handheld system for measuring tire tread wear in service centers or depots where comprehensive tread data is required with a single measurement. The ETR uses an advanced optical system to create a 3D point cloud of the tire surface. The data is then analyzed in the Tyrata cloud and detailed tread data, including non-uniform wear conditions, are returned to the ETR for customer review. The ETR is:

  • Accurate: tread depth to ±0.5 mm
  • Fast: all four tires in one minute
  • Easy-to-use: point and shoot; data displayed on screen and on user-optimized URL
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ITS is mounted to the inner liner of the tire and samples tread depth

Internal Tread Sensor

The ITS is a tire-mounted, autonomous sensor for continuous monitoring of tire tread wear. The ITS is directly affixed to the tire inner liner and uses a proprietary sensor to directly measure tread depth. The system is designed to operate on a single battery for over five years and the electronics and battery unit can be transferred upon replacement of the tire. The ITS:

  • Operates in real-time and provides continuous monitoring of tread wear
  • Is autonomous: no external equipment required, measures without outside interrogation
  • Is direct: direct measurement of tread, not inferred from other parameters



Monitors and reports on vehicular tire tread depth in real time...