Tire monitor


Visit the website for the Franklin Lab at Duke University for an expansive list of publications. See:

J. B. Andrews, C. Cao, M. Brooke, and A. D. Franklin, "Noninvasive material thickness detection by aerosol jet printed sensors enhanced through metallic carbon nanotube ink," IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 17, pp. 4612-4618, 2017.

J. B. Andrews, P. Ballentine, J. A. Cardenas, C. J. Lim, N. X. Williams, J. Summers, M. Stangler, D. Koester, S. A. Cummer, and A. D. Franklin, “Printed electronic sensor array for mapping tire tread thickness profiles,” IEEE Sensors Journal, (in press).


Tyrata IntelliTread™ Tread Wear Sensor