Tyrata’s approach to tire tread wear sensing began as exploratory research with carbon nanotubes (tiny cylinders of carbon atoms just one-billionth of a meter in diameter) in a lab at Duke University. Fueled by ongoing innovation, the technology has evolved into a diverse product suite. The company’s IntelliTread® products are built on patent-pending sensing technology with solid-state sensors that collect data from the tread of tires without physically modifying the tire. Each IntelliTread® product directly correlates a sensor measurement with a current tire tread depth state, without the need for a multiplicity of sensors and complex algorithms to estimate the tire health.

Key innovations of IntelliTread® products:

  • Drive-Over System (DOS) uses array of solid-state sensors to wirelessly detect tread depth from tires as they pass over the speed bump-like unit
  • Internal Tread Sensor (ITS) uses the attenuation of wireless signals applied from the tire’s inner liner to directly measure tread depth
  • External Tread Reader (ETR) uses customized optics to capture high-resolution surface maps of tire tread in a single capture
image description
image description

How it Works

Each of Tyrata’s products uses a unique, patent-pending approach to directly measuring tire tread health. Some details of the early ITS technology can be found in the scientific literature, where the use of electric field reflection from carbon nanotube-based sensing electrodes is described. Product development of ITS has refined the materials, design, and sensing approach. Similarly, early DOS technology approaches have been reported in the scientific literature; these also have evolved into a reliable solid-state sensing product.

While each of Tyrata’s IntelliTread® products operates on patent-pending and proprietary technologies, they share the following attributes:

  • Direct measurement of tire tread depth; like using a physical gauge but achieved with wireless signals
  • Low-cost hardware for affordable implementation by customers
  • Support from game-changing tire health analytics



Monitors and reports on vehicular tire tread depth in real time...