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Tyrata Honors GoDurham with Know Your Tires Safety Award

Annual award recognizes the best fleets for continuous safe and efficient tire management practices…

DURHAM, NC – November 29, 2022 — Tyrata, a leader in tire sensor and data management, is pleased to present the Tyrata Know Your TiresSM Safety Award for 2022 to GoDurham – the city of Durham public bus fleet – for their dedication to implementing best practices in tire management. The award is given annually to a Tyrata customer that has shown significant safety, efficiency, or cost improvements by leveraging the insight obtained from Tyrata’s IntelliTread® Drive-Over System™ (DOS) automated tire monitoring solution.

Under the leadership of Maintenance Director Bob Losiniecki, GoDurham successfully transitioned to the Drive-Over System from an exclusively manual tire monitoring process in 2020. After more than two years of automated tread monitoring, GoDurham has now documented impeccable tire safety standards while simultaneously benefiting from the cost efficiencies of using automated monitoring.  With well over 40 million miles of tire tread data obtained from the GoDurham bus depot, Tyrata was able to verify that the fleet consistently maintained tires well above safety limits. At the same time, GoDurham has continuously improved tire management practices by changing tires closer to their replacement threshold and proactively addressing mechanical issues.

”GoDurham has been a dedicated and engaged customer, and has used the Drive-Over System to create a very effective tire management system”, said Jesko von Windheim, CEO of Tyrata, Inc. “Now, whenever I see a GoDurham bus I am proud to know that their tires are safe and well-managed. I’m sure it’s something all riders expect, but in Durham we can say we know that is the case.”

The Tyrata IntelliTread Drive-Over System (DOS) automatically collects tire tread depth every time a vehicle passes through a service lane or fleet depot. The system is designed for fleet managers who want new ways to improve operations, reduce costs and manage the tire safety of their fleets.

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