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Tyrata IntelliTread® Drive-Over System™ Deployment reaches new global markets

Drive-Over Systems introduce automated tread monitoring to the Asia Pacific region.

DURHAM, NC – December 1, 2022 — Tyrata, Inc., a tire sensor and data management company, has announced additional commercial deployments of the IntelliTread® Drive-Over System™ (DOS) in APAC region.

The IntelliTread® Drive-Over System™ allows Tyrata’s partners and customers to automate the tread depth measurement process, to proactively identify poorly-performing tires more efficiently.

Automated tire tread monitoring is becoming a critical part of comprehensive tire management programs worldwide. Fleets find it difficult to track tire tread depth for every tire in their fleet, and they are increasingly turning to the IntelliTread® Drive-Over System™ to fill this need.

The IntelliTread® Drive-Over System™ is a speedbump-like tire monitoring system that measures tire tread depth and tire wear patterns every time a vehicle passes through a service lane or fleet depot. Once DOS is installed, customers can eliminate manual tire measurements, download fleet-wide tread depth reports at any time, and receive alerts when a tire begins wearing unevenly or hits the customer-set tire wear threshold.

Tyrata says that the recent deployment of DOS units in the Asia Pacific region builds on existing presence in Japan. Tyrata CEO Jesko Von Windheim said, “The installations in global markets are a significant step forward for the company. We have been impressed with the focus on safety and tire monitoring efficiency from the Asia Pacific region, with fleets searching for new tools that improve their tire management practices. We have seen a similarly high level of interest from other regions of the world like the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and in Europe – where we are planning to install additional systems in early 2023.”

To learn about deploying DOS with your company, contact Tyrata at [email protected] or +1-984-212-2621.

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Tyrata, Inc. is a tire sensor and data management company offering tire monitoring solutions for fleet managers, tire manufacturers and automotive service centers. The company’s IntelliTread® technology monitors, tracks and predicts tire tread life, delivering direct measurements of tread depth in real-time. Solid-state sensors are linked to cloud-based data management and analytics to warn drivers, service advisors and depot managers when tires are dangerously thin. Tyrata is dedicated to improving tire safety, reducing maintenance costs, enhancing sustainability and increasing profitability for its customers. For more information, visit